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Sugary? Please ?

Erick is coming back today but I am not excited to see him at all. I fear I might strangle him. Turns out he does have a wife ?‍ On top of that he is also having an affair with Florence his PA. Yep!! That is right. Florence told me all the details without knowing she was spilling the beans. This is how I got all the juicy details.

Friday afternoon, I get a call from Florence asking if I am in the office so she can drop the remaining papers. I let her know I am in the office. The moment she hangs up the phone, I call Brenda to my office.

“Brenda I need a favor,” I tell her when she is in my office.

“What do you want?”

“I need some cold juice and snacks”


“Yes, now. A very important client is coming and I want to impress them so they will stick with us,”

That is one line that has never stopped to work for me, so she goes ahead and buys what I have sent her.

When Florence arrives, I am so ready for her.

She comes in looking exquisite. Her black nappy mane is in an up do tight burn. Today she is wearing white sneakers, white t-shirts with a label of a black girl in a very big afro written ‘black magic.’ The t-shirt is tucked in a navy blue mum jeans and covered in a faded blue denim jacket. She walks in my office all smiley and I know, I am going to get all the info I need.

“I brought the remaining forms,” she says as she makes herself comfortable on the seat then tucks her legs behind the chair. She goes ahead and gets out the documents and hands them over to me.

“Would you like a glass of juice? I know it’s very hot outside,” I say before I can open the brown envelope.

“Yes please, thank you.”

“How has been your week?” I ask innocently, as I fill a glass of the cold beverage and hands it to her.

“We can’t complain, business has been good, except…” she picks her glass of juice to sip.

I wait for her to finish the statement but she doesn’t.

“Except for what?” I push.

“It’s just that, the place can be a little bit boring when Erick is not there,” she sips the juice again.

Yes!! We are now getting somewhere.

“You mean Erick is such a nice boss?”

“To be honest, he is the best boss I have had a chance to work with. He is not those serious bosses who never smile at their employees.”

“That is a surprise, because when he comes here he is always in a very formal mood that sometimes I find it hard to work with him, but don’t tell him I said that,”

“Oh noo! He is the best. He even takes me out sometimes. He buys me fancy stuff once in a while when I have done my work well.”

“Wow! You are so lucky. Does he only buy you stuff and takes you to lunch?”

“Well… and please this is between me and you only,”

“Okay.” My ears are so attentive, cats have nothing on me.           

“He has taken me on two vacations so far. One in Nanyuki and another in Mombasa,”

The self-control I am exercising right now, I should have an award.

“What about his wife?” I ask.

“Jacky is too busy with the business she doesn’t give him time as a wife,” She answers entitlement oozing from her voice.

A full glass of the juice and a few cookies later, I have all the information I need. Sweet smiling Erick is playing three women (as far as I know, the number could be more) and I am one of those women. My number one rule in my dating life, is to never get involved with a married man. The second thing is, to never share. That is the only area I approve of the scarcity mentality ?. Erick has made me break all the rules (though in my defense, I was ignorant of the real situation) and I will do something he will never forget.

I let Florence go as I ponder on my next move. I get my phone and dial Erick’s number.

“Hi babe?” he answers after three rings

“Hi sweetheart,” I coo.

“It feels so good to hear from you,”

“Feels good to hear from you too, how are things so far? Are you done with the meetings?”

“Yeah, I am done. Everything went so well I can’t even believe it.”

“That is so great to hear. I am so happy for you?”

“Thanks babe, wish you were hear so we could celebrate together.”

“Yeah me too. But I will be waiting for you. Are you flying back tomorrow?”

“That was the plan, but I still have a few loose ends I need to tie up. Will let you know when I am done.”

“Okay, I will be waiting for that call. I have missed you so much, I feel like it has been two years since I last saw you.”

“Wow! Babe, if I knew distance would make you this sugary, I would be traveling every week. I am in love with the new you?”

Love??? Did he just say he is in love with me?? Oh this man is a piece of something.

“See you later babe,” he says when I don’t reply.

“See you later babe.” I answer and hang up the phone.

Oh, Erick. He is never going to know what hit him. First things first. I get to Instagram to check out this woman called Jacky. We will have a lot to talk about when we meet and I can’t wait to meet her.

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