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How to Survive in Nairobi…♪♪♪

It has been two months since I started seeing Erick. Everything has been great, except for his odd obsession with staring at me while I eat. At first I was not sure there was any chemistry, but now I am starting to see a future here. I know, I know it has only been a month, but a girl can dream… right? Truth is, we talk a lot about different topics and I do enjoy his company. One of our major topic is business which includes his own business. We even covered topics like how many kids he wants, what would be their names, which schools he prefers and which neighborhood is perfect to raise kids. All these without any awkward moments. I feel like this is the guy for me. His business is growing now, which has made him so happy that he treats me like a queen in appreciation to all the help I have given him.

The problem is, I can feel in my gut that there is something not right, I just can’t figure out what it is. I have watched him, I have listened to him, I have stalked him on social media, nothing (he is not keen on the social media platform) yet my guts tells me there is something. Or maybe I am not used to perfect men and now that I have found one, I am fishing for imperfection. That might be true, but we will have to wait and see.

This week I am not going to see him since he is out of town. He is down in Mombasa meeting a potential client. I miss him so much I feel like it has been two years since I last saw him. How did this happen? I can’t remember the last time I felt this way about a man, and please don’t say James ?. God, I need a sign. I need to be sure Erick is my future.

Its Wednesday afternoon, I am at the reception area with Brenda chitchatting. The boss is out, the day has been very slow and boring. I would like to just call it a day and go binge watch ‘The crown’ but I can’t. Erick’s PA, Florence, is supposed to drop some papers so I can go through them. It is 3pm and she’s not yet here. So I have decided to join Brenda so we can indulge in a little bit of office gossip, until the papers are brought. I don’t want to disappoint Erick, and I had promised to go through them.

At 3:30pm a beautiful young lady walks in. She is short about 4’9”. She has the most beautiful skin, the color of Pansy black flowers. I look at her and I am tempted to touch my face. Just like the famous clear crystal flowers, her face has no acne, marks or any blotches. Her face is as flawless as a two year old kid. Her feet are covered in a pair of khaki brogues that match with the khaki tote she is carrying on her left shoulder. Her snug navy blue dress shows all her curves including those curves she has tried to hide under her royal blue blazer.

“Hi, my name is Florence. I am here to see Maselinah,” her broad beautiful smile with perfect teeth makes my stomach clench.

Oh God! This is Erick’s PA. I dislike her immediately.

“Hi, I am Maselinah,” I introduce myself and direct her towards my office. She sits, crosses her legs behind the front chair legs like a princess from England. She then gets a big envelope out of her bag and hands them to me.

“Erick asked me to bring these to you,” she tells me when I stretch my hands to grab the envelope.

I get the envelope and remove all the papers out to go through them.

“But they are not all, his wife Jacky has the remaining two forms,” she continues casually.

My body gets a shock and everything goes to slow motion. I feel like my soul has left me and jumped to the ceiling to watch the drama unfolding in my office. I put the papers slowly and calmly, too calmly on the desk and turn to the lady sitting in front of me. Her form has become blurry.


“I said I will bring the remaining two forms later.”

“Jacky has them?”

“Yes, Jacky has them. She is not done with them so she told me to just bring these ones then the others will be brought later.”

I have to think fast, problem is, my mind has gone blank. It’s like I did not get what she just told me, yet I heard everything loud and clear. I need more information. How do I get it without coming off as nosy?

“So Erick runs the business with his wife?”

“Yes, they run it together. I thought you knew?”

“Not really, I think that is a piece of information he forgot to add in the form he filed when he started with us,”

“Will it cause a problem?”

Big problem. I think to myself but I don’t say it aloud instead I give her my sweetest smile and tell her, “No, it’s not a problem.”

“Okay,” she replies

“Just give me a few minutes I go through them then you can go,”

I pretend to go through the documents but the truth is I can’t even see the words. I am boiling with a cocktail or rage, anger, heartbreak and disappointment. I continue to pretend to go through the documents as I compose myself and try to figure out my next step. When I am done, I lift my face to her and give her the same sweet smile I have given her a few minutes before.

“These will definitely do, but we cannot do much with the remaining two. When do you think you can drop them?”

“I am not sure, Jacky will let me know when she is done with them.”

“Please let her know we need them as soon as possible. I would really appreciate if they are dropped by Friday so I can work on them through the weekend.”


“Thank you Florence.”

“You are welcome Maselina.”

She stands and heads to the door, but then an idea strikes me.

“Oh, by the way Florence, I have a question.”

She turns to look at me.


“What product do you use on your face? If you don’t mind me asking. You have such a flawless and a beautiful skin.”

She blushes before answering, “Mostly Shea butter, and a facial cream Erick bought me, I have forgotten the name. But then my skin has never been a problem.”

“Wuee! Lucky you. I would give anything to have such a beautiful skin.”

She smiles, then turns and leaves. Immediately the door closes behind her, I pack my stuff and leave. I cannot afford to have a breakdown right now in the office.

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