That Chic Maselinah


Gravitating down the valley,
Gravitating down towards the river,
I can see all the green around me,
Ferns and veins tangling each other on a green grey back,
The canopy feels creepy and eerily,
But I need the river,

I can smell the forest,
The sell of wet moldy air,
I step on a puddle of brownish green pudding,
Ick! Such a strong stench,
Is it a deer dung or a bear poo?
Sharp fragrance of the woodlands,
The Earthy moist smell of warms,
I catch a hint of wild Jasmine,
The honeysuckle fragrance grows strong as the breeze spreads it,
wilderness of mushrooms fussed with raindrop makes me hungry,
The atmosphere comes alive with a fresh stark pungent smell,
Droplets oozing and dripping gel like liquid brings my memory to cough syrups and other ointments that sooth and cool,

The long limbs of roots make me stumble,
My big toe hits a rock,
The pain numbs my whole body,
Biting midgets, horse flies and mosquitoes won’t leave me alone,
I want to quit but I keep moving,

I see a meadow,
The scenery takes my breath away,
Beautiful flowers appear here and there,
The sweet smell of sweet alyssum and lilacs,
The fruity smell of daffodils,
The sensual smell of quince,
Bitter, sweet, mint, spicy, sensual,
My head spins from all the heavy scented breeze,
I sit on the meadow, close my eye and let myself get more intoxicated,

I am so tempted to build my life here and forget the river,
But that is not my dream,
I head back to the forest my mind made up,
Soon it will be over…


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