That Chic Maselinah

January 2021

Office Drama

It’s lunch time, I am having lunch with my colleagues. Something I rarely do but today is different. “You look a mess,” Brenda says as everyone turns to look at me, “are you okay?” “Yeah I’m fine,” I answer, looking at my food. I can’t look at her, I am scared she will see what …

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Take me to Broadway

Me: Hey. Are we still on today? I wait for the reply as I get inside the lift heading to the ground floor. Immediately I reach the ground and get out of the elevator, my phone rings. It is Daniel. He apologizes for forgetting to call me early enough stating he had a busy day …

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Of Hit and Run

It’s a quiet evening in my house tonight. There is a full moon outside with stars sprinkled all over the sky. It gives me such a yearn feeling. As I sit down for supper, I take out my phone and check for any messages. None. I try to swallow the mild ache deep down my …

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Employment Act

Did you know if you interviewed for a job but didn’t get it, you have a right to take the matter to the court? Well I didn’t know about that either, until it happened to someone close to me. My sister worked for this major company as the Senior Manager. The position suited her because …

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That Chic Maselinah