That Chic Maselinah

December 2020

No Freebies

Monday morning, I’m sitting in my office oblivious to what is going on around me. All I can remember is how awesome and great my weekend has been. I have never had so much fun. I replay the past two days events in my head like am watching a movie based on someone else story. …

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Chicken Heart

Days turn to weeks and weeks to a month. We have been chatting with James every single day. He is interesting and a bit intimidating, which makes it more thrilling. He is a very captivating man but sometimes I sense a trace of arrogance when we are chatting. I know that very soon we will …

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Scotland Here We Come

Saturday afternoon I’m sitting in my bedroom with nothing much to do. I have done all the cleaning I had planned for the day. Now I need something else to distract me. I think of calling my ex but… Holding my phone in my hands I contemplate on swiping to where my-used-to-be-favorite app is. After …

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White Masters

I am sitting in my house with a plate of Pilau Njeri on my lap, swiping through the funny profiles on tinder. I come across an interesting one. Okay maybe not so interesting but I’m curious to see where it will lead. The profile has a photo of a lady bending over her hands in …

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That Chic Maselinah